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How to know, when is business consulting needed?

Nowadays, there are countless sources of information where you can find answers and solutions to the most unexpected questions. Therefore, sometimes the question arises, who needs paid business advice when there are inexhaustible layers of various processes, document templates, tips, video training, etc. on the Internet?

Let's start with what exactly is business consulting?

Consulting on business issues can have more than several directions:

  1. when advice and examples of how different business problems can be solved on certain issues

  2. when, in the presence of a certain business problem, not only advice is needed, but also the implementation of the solution along with the training of people

  3. when, in the presence of a certain problem in an organization, one wants to understand or check the true causes that leaves organization in certain situation

  4. when, due to lack of people, additional help is required to install new processes, tools

  5. when one wants to understand whether certain processes in the organization are needed and would benefit from it

How to know, when is business consulting needed?

Business consulting could be considered in the cases bellow:

  • the organization has limited time and human resources to solve the problem. In this case, the best thing is to seek help so that the issue that exists in the organization is resolved as soon as possible and people are trained

  • it is felt that the organization is stuck and none of the methods used help to solve the problem that has arisen. In such cases, people who provide consulting services can:

    1. taking into account the experiences seen in other organizations, it is capable to assess from outside what are the real reasons why the organization faces difficulties in a particular area

    2. help to understand which actions are most appropriate to solve the problem – sometimes the problem is clear, but the actions are not correct

  • want to assess what processes of change, project, strategy management or other processes are needed and appropriate according to the organization's environment, its maturity and culture

  • there is a need for help in order to sell new ideas to the management of the organization, i.e. additional insights from the outside can help to assess and present the potential benefits of introducing new processes or ways of doing business


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