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How to select the best tool for your process?

Every process in the company should have a tool that enables the process work efficiently, to have visibility, reports. As there are many various different possible solutions to use for different things, how to select the best one?

Do not select the tool before the process is being defined.

One of the most common mistakes, while choosing the toolkit for various processes is actually not having any process defined, but tool being in place already. This most of the time drives to the situations that selected tools lots of customizations, that cost money and time. Therefore, even if process in super simple and pretty straight forward, there should be at least:

  1. process steps described.

  2. view of what information should be visible.

  3. reports that may be required in the very get go.

Of course, it does not mean that you need to have a super sophisticated process from the very beginning, but direction what you want to achieve, what is important as an output and where the input will come from - is a must.

Be very clear what is important while selecting the tool.

As everybody can imagine there are many sexy tools in the market that can be bought for any price. Most of the time people forget to analyze of what exists in the company that maybe can be re - used. If this adoption of existing tools is not a choice, while choosing the tool do not use price as key element. There are other elements to think about while making a decision which one to pick:

  • Are there any people in the company that know how tool works or this something that will be very new for the whole organization?

  • How many people will have to learn to use the tool?

  • How user friendly tool is comparing with the ones that people are used to?

  • Who are the people who will have to learn the tool (are they fast learners, are they used to the various new solutions, how they normally learn new things: on their own or maybe you need somebody available 24/7 and super extensive training)?

  • How fast the tool can be implemented (if timeline is important for you)?

  • How flexible the tool is for future process amendments?

  • What are other tools in the organization and can they be adapted to your needs? Adapt to what you have approach.

Final thoughts

First of all, if you feel that you need a tool for functions that your team or you are performing, make sure, that you have process steps defined prior to making the choice. Secondly analyze what already exists in the organization and whether adapt to what you have approach would work. Finally analyze company environment and stakeholders that will have to use the tool kit, as price should not be the only determinator.


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