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Retrospective after change implementation

After the implementation of any change, it is important to understand whether the planned change achieved results or whether additional corrections are needed. In order to make sure that the best result is obtained, it is possible to apply retrospective service during which solutions that are not fully functional can be improved.

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Retrospective possibilities

  • Hotline: for the whole month (amount of hours according to the agreement) after the implemented change, I answer all questions that arise.

  • Monitoring in the organization: check after 2 months - interviews are conducted with stakeholders to identify whether introduced changes have worked as planned and whether there are areas to be corrected.


More than 10 years of experience in project and change management.

I invite to get to know me.

Change management in organizations

Change management is a practice used around the world to manage the negative reactions of those who will be influenced. This area consists of: human behavior/reactions, stakeholder and communication management, etc.


Project management is a practice widely used in the world to achieve
successful implementation of new services, products, processes from their idea
to the installation stage.

Retrospective after change implementation

In traditional and Agile project management, there is a practice of checking whether planned actions have been carried out and the result achieved. If the desired result is not achieved, corrective actions are taken.

Clients talk about me

Vita, Thank you for accepting our Baltic project management team's invitation to join our monthly meeting and share the way of working in the areas of PM, PMO, a very professional way of working! Since the PM/PMO community is relatively small, it is always valuable and exciting to collaborate and share knowledge. We really appreciate the time you spent with us, bringing inspiration and a very positive attitude!

Jūratė Petrauskienė, SEB Bank

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