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How come we know how to run projects, but when it comes to strategy planning we loose all knowledge

Every company one way or another plan their future that lands into strategy documents, on building walls or anywhere else

I have been part of annual planning in all the companies, that i had a chance to work in and it seems, that most of the time we loose our knowledge of how project management practices could be used here. Rather you notice, that this part is made as something mystified that only genius's can do. But if you look closer and think about any long or short term company planning it has all the same elements as project management:

  • we do analysis to understand what is the situation in the market and where the demand exists. During analysis we draw our solution design of what we would like to achieve in 3, 5 years period

  • we plan potential steps of how to achieve our vision and how much it may cost to us while looking the point of how much we can spend

  • when the company roadmap is done we execute it with or without iterations, using agile or traditional way of delivering things

  • if market conditions changes, we start again - we analyse and re - plan

So why then we sometimes not capable to run proper company planning, but good in project planning?


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