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Business consulting, what is worth to know before you go to bed with them

When I hear two words "business consulting", I am often skeptical about the quality of the services they provide. This attitude has formed while working for many years in an area where it is not uncommon to seek help or advice from business consultants. And sometimes, unfortunately, it happened that we didn't get the result we wanted or got very generic advice that wasn't necessarily applicable to our organization. And it's not about the fact that business consultants were not competent - all of them were professionals in their field at a certain level, it's just that we were not fully prepared for such a collaboration. So, what is worth knowing and how to prepare before inviting business consultants to your home?

When it would be worth to turn to business consulting companies to ask for help?

Business consulting is a service provided by companies or individuals who help various types of organizations to operate and improve certain areas. There are a lot of areas, one example could be project management: let's say an organization is doing poorly in carrying out projects, they are always late, people do not understand what steps need to be taken and do not perform them, etc. In such cases, if, having tried to correct potential mistakes that exist in the process or in people's understanding, inside the organization, it is not possible to achieve improvement, it is always recommended to turn to external people who could look at your problem with fresh eyes.

How to get ready for business consulting?

Sometimes it is forgotten, that the moment of preparation before inviting business consultants to your organization is of paramount importance. So what should the preparation consist of?

  • first of all, name what areas you want to improve

  • take the current picture of the area - it is very important to have quantitative results that characterize the current situation

  • determine what kind of improvement you expect in quantitative results and in what time frame

  • determine how you will want to measure whether the services provided by business consulting have been successful and brought benefits to you

  • determine how you will measure whether the work you have agreed with business consultants is done – the expression commonly used i "definition of done"

If you think at least a little about the criteria listed above, there is a greater chance that after cooperation with business consultants you will be satisfied.


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