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Work and I

I have been living with this idea for a long time that work and time for myself are two separate things. People who used to say, after all, their work is a hobby, seemed to me a little strange. After all, according to the studies conducted, only 10% - 20% of people in the world like their work. Is it really that 8 hours at work a completely different space and in many ways it's not a very fun time?

And I am not talking about the balance of life and work, but more about how we see ourselves during our personal time and as working time.

Previously, I had two separate phones: one for work, the other for personal time. This made it easier for me to draw a line about who I am - at work, and who I am - not at work. It worked great for years, but it seemed that one person I am at home and another at work. It was very stressful, because if there were days when you need to work longer, you felt that you betray the other part of yourself and work not for yourself, but for others.

It even seemed to me that what I was doing in the professional field was not mine at all, it's just that fate brought me here, I didn't figure it out myself. In my heart, I love fashion, dancing, but not project management.

Now, when I remember that, it makes me laugh, after all, where we are now, we are for some reason, they can be varied: we want to gain, some special knowledge and skills, we want to earn the first million, or maybe expand the social circle, maybe we work in that organization, because it is cool.

We all have our own motivation for why we are where we are. And the sooner we understand that motivator, why we are in one organization or another, the easier it will be to combine work and personal time, and to be ourselves, without feeling bad, that we have to get up the next day and go to work.

P.S. one of the best pragmatic ways of how to integrate both worlds with one to another is to manage all you work and personal roles and responsibilities in one planner, notebook or whatever else you are using to plan your daily activities.


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