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Choosing delivery method: what you should think about before doing that? Part 2

There are several delivery methods, that organisations, can choose to do: waterfall, agile and hybrid. How to know which one is the best for you?

If you would like to deliver things Waterfall, these are the things to consider:

  • a list of business requirements must be provided before starting the project

  • if people will be partially dedicated to the project team, agree very clearly on the percentage of time they will have to devote to the project activities

  • assess the level of project manager maturity (sometimes projects are also managed by product managers, so it is very important to understand the level of progress) to manage the project, it will be clear what level of project control is needed

  • understand the maturity of the project management process, depending on how often and where the verification activities are required

  • answer the question of who will make the decisions related to the project and what level of decisions will be given to whom (this also applies to the Agile method)

  • .... Well, and of course, the tools for project management - what do you have and what do you need?


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