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Building the team

You're building a team and thinking about what's the right lineup to choose? What kind of people to invite in order to have the right balance in the team between all skills and knowledge?

A lot of theories talk about the fact that the team should consist of different people in order to maintain a healthy balance, after all, if there are only stubborn people in the whole team, but with different skills and experience, nothing will come of it, because there will be no way to get to common decisions, because they will stick to their opinions.

This is what i would propose to pay attention, while forming the team:

  • team members share the same values and attitudes to work: if there are people in the team who do not feel passionate for work and come to work only 8 hours, with time it will begin to annoy those who put their hearts on the tasks they perform

  • the team should understand its common goal very clearly as a team and it is very important if the team has to achieve team goals so that there are as few egocentric people as possible in it, because they very often focus on their own goals and not on the team, this can create a bad atmosphere

  • there is a healthy balance between men and women in the team: I have once worked only in a women and only male team, such teams broadcast completely different energies, so to this day I think that it is very important to have a mix

  • it is very useful to have people of different age groups in a team, because if everyone has the same values, but different experiences, it only diversifies the life of the team and gives you the opportunity to learn from each other and get experiences


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