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5 qualities of successful project managers

Many often think about how to gain professional project management skills, leaving personal qualities aside.

I do believe that project management is in every step of our life, even if we do not recognise it. While we are dealing with various life situations, we analyse, plan and execute - which are basics in project management.

Does it mean, that everybody can be a project manager? Well, yes and no. To deal with life situations everybody can, but when it comes to professional project management, there are certain qualities that each project manager should have:

“If you want to be a successful project manager in professional life, there are personal qualities worth to think about and develop.”
  1. can - do attitude - this is about ability of self-motivation when project experiences hick-ups. And normally there are many of those in complexed projects

  2. project manager should be a team player so that when due to various reasons somebody from the team can not do their tasks, project manager steps in and helps for the project success

  3. ownership - project manager needs to understand and own the purpose. For that you need to feel that you are responsible for ultimate result of the project and deep dive into the details of why project is necessary to the organisation. If this is not the case, than it is more project coordinating than managing

  4. self-organised - able to act independently, when there are no instructions ready to follow for each an every situation

  5. empathy - stakeholder management is huge part of project management. If you are good with stakeholder management, you are on a road to your project success. What empathy is for here? Empathy helps to understand and read people why they may be against the change that you are implementing. By understanding why your stakeholders fare of a change will help you to take certain actions to conquer all those fears


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