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Who is a leader?

There are so many training, that try to tell, of who is a leader or who can be them. But have you ever though who is a leader to you in the organisation?

The way how i think about the leadership, may sound like a cliche, but leader to me is a person that loves, understands and cares about the area that he is responsible for. You not to be a boss or manager to be a leader. Everybody can be a leader in the area that they are working in.

The only few things that i am looking for in the leaders are:

  • honesty with others - dishonesty is smelled from a mile

  • respect - do not think that others are not as good as you are, because that is not true and other people are not agreeing with you not because they do not understand what you are communicating, but rather because they have a different experience, different perspective

  • invested - is present and performs the role to it's fullest, but not to get the check

  • understanding of his / her weaknesses - is not over confident who thinks that knows everything in the world, though sometimes he / she is just getting started and invests in improving

  • standing with their decisions - do not hide behind somebody who made a decision and says, that this is something, that he / she does not support though the decision was made and could not do much

  • good hearing - listens and analyses of why people are against changes or things that you want to push forward and invests time to explain why chosen way is the best way and what different opportunities were considered

  • ability to make a decision - there is a good practice when you ask around your people what is the best way forward, but final decision needs to be done by the leader and definitely not by voting, because you loose sense of ownership then


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