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What is the difference between IT Project manager and Project manager?

Project management is a very widely used methodology in the world. There are perhaps two of the best-known certificates for project managers (PMP under PMBOK/PMI and Prince) that help identify whether person has knowledge of project management. However, when we talk about project managers, can anyone with a certificate of project management be an IT project manager?

What knowledge does PMP give according to PMBOK / PMI and Prince?

PMP according to PMBOK comes from the United States of America, while Prince is more of a British version describing what project management is. Although practice originates from different continents, they both talk about general project management principles, what are the main steps that are applied when there are managed projects in organizations. However, they do not mention anything about information technology projects and how they should be managed.

So if you have a PMP or Prince certificate and know how to apply the practices described in these methodologies, could you be an IT project manager?

The short answer to this question would be unfortunately "no". Why? In the field of information technology project management, there are countless other processes that project managers working on these changes need to know. What are those processes:

  • solution testing and its stages: system integration tests, system user acceptance tests, system performance stability tests, security tests

  • solution release: most often in organizations there are certain calendars on which days the ready-made solution can be installed into an environment accessible to all users, before doing this there are various level checks to ensure that the solution that is about to be launched does not destroy the existing infrastructure

  • solution design and its stages: depending on the size of the organization and its complexity, each new decision or change in the system is reviewed and approved in the context of the entire IT infrastructure, that is, it is not the projects that make the decision on what to install, but the people responsible for the IT infrastructure. The project in this case ensures only that the objectives of the project are ensured with the chosen solution

  • decision-making for further maintenance: when a ready-made IT solution is implemented into an environment accessible to users, it must be transferred to the rest of the organization, which will support and maintain the system. At this stage, there are countless steps related to the documentation of the system, the training of people and so on

These and more processes exist that every project manager should know before stepping into IT project management field.


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