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Team play in leadership: wishful thinking or reality?

Team work, collaboration, team player, everybody is in the same boat - all these words and more describe collective work, that is discussed in various team workshops. Question is how we notice such example from company leaders?

If we want others to act as a team does not matter where in project team or just across the organisation to achieve common goals, we leaders, need to show it and work with our peers accordingly. Easy to say, hard to achieve...

Why most of the time, such behaviour among leaders is observed very rarely? What are the artefacts that would help to encourage our leaders to work as is they would feel being in one boat? This is what i have observed and would like to share:

  • Unfortunately there are not many leaders who are interested to achieve company goals just for common good. Normally this intention is visible when leaders have invested in the company, for example their have company stocks or their own and their division results are heavily dependent on the overall company results (from what i have observed it should not be lower than 35% from all annual kpi's), but still keeping organisation modular setup in-tacked: organisations are made up of parts that have considerable autonomy, even while being somehow connected

  • Another important element is how leadership team is constructed and wether it reflects company situation in the market. Possible roles among leadership member are: "hunters" and "farmers":

    • Hunters - push for diverging discussions & "wild ideas" and bridges these and initiatives through common values and big - picture goals

    • Farmers - push for efficiency gains and execution, connects the performance focus to the current mission and times


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