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Project management value for the business

Some people, when they hear the words project management, immediately start to squeal and think that this is an additional bureaucracy that leads to the creation of document templates, creates many decision-making forums. All this, in their opinion, takes a long time and does not create much value, because project managers need to focus on achieving the results of the project, and not waste time on paperwork. Maybe yes, sometimes project management can be a difficult process, but what benefits can be expected from this practice?

Let's start with what project management is anyway?

Project management is a practice that we actually apply in many areas of life and events, but we don't always think about it. Project management is about how to implement certain changes using methods and steps.

What exactly is a project?

In a general sense, the project is something unique, not repetitive. This is an action that has a beginning and an end, at the end of which a new product, service or result is obtained. This is a generic definition of a project. In many organizations it is possible to find additional criteria that slightly more concretize what for them and what size changes are called projects.

Having discussed the basics, let's talk about what benefits we could get from project management in the organization?

For each person and organization, the benefits can be very different, it all depends on what goals they pursue. The following are the main benefits of project management:

  • structured implementation of change: project management allows people not to miss the steps that we sometimes forget due to the noise around us, but which are of great importance for the successful implementation of the change

  • transparency: project management practices provide an opportunity to understand what projects are taking place in the organization and how they are doing

  • organization risk management: each change in itself has various threats and benefits that can influence the organization in various ways. Project management practice, ensures that the project team assesses and works with the threats arising from the project

  • knowledge management: documentation is very important in project management (it is important that it is not too much of it) - it ensures that the most important decisions and changes are described, in case people in the organization change, knowledge remains


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