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Everything that we should know about Project Steering groups

In all projects you will hear such a formation as the Project steering group. This formation is very much important for the success of each project. What would it be worth for pie project management teams to know?

What is project management steering group?

Project management defines not only all stages of projects, but decision-making in a project. One of the key decision-makers is the project management steering group. This group of people is formed for each project separately. And its composition is always different.

What project steering group should consist from?

The project management steering group must have the power of decision and a huge influence on the success of the project, which can be divided into 4 groups:

  • those who have the power of decision on the financing of the project

  • those who have decision-making power over the people assigned to the project

  • those who will be strongly affected by the change implemented by the project

  • those who are interested in the success or failure of the project and can influence it

What are the decisions which can be made by project steering group?

Very often, the golden rule is forgotten that a project management steering group can make decisions only within the limits of a project, that is, only within the framework of a fixed budget, agreed duration and a defined scope. All decisions that are related to the extension and sometimes shortening of the duration of the project, if this means that the scope of the project is changing, or changes in the project budget and an increase or decrease in volume, are not taken by the members of the project management steering group. In such situations, the project management steering group plays only an advisory role and the final decision is made by the organization's higher resolving forums, which have the visibility of how one or another change in the project will affect the organization and other projects taking place in the organization.

What should you know about project steering group?

One of the most common recommendations is that the project management steering group must meet at least once a month or at least once every two weeks. The project manager for this forum must take advantage of the project:

a) discuss the project status

b) discuss issues the project is facing

c) ask for advice and help when project is in trouble or in a crossroad.


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