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Process management framework is an investment to organization achieving better results

Every organization has processes, does not matter which lifecycle stage or age it is. Even if there is no document where process is described, that does not mean process does not exist. Very often, when organization is in a growth mode, first and foremost it focuses on the results, without thinking, how they will try to achieve the results. If building right processes around the practices that company applies is not one of the highest priorities, ask yourself how long will it take for every person to figure out who is doing what or how long does it take to onboard new people, if there is no structure around services or products that company provides?

Process management is foreseen as an activity that is needed for big companies only.

Process management is one of the important things when organization seeks to be more effective and efficient. But sometimes you may hear an opinion that process management is required for corporative organizations, and it is seen as an evil in small companies that kills the vibe. In addition, actual value of the process is forgotten and seen as something that slows down the company or make it more bureaucratic - could be, if organization goes too far with governance and implements too many steps, where they are not needed, but eventually processes help people to be more efficient.

Process management is a way to setup a structure for the organizational routines and practices.

Process management is important in various organizational stages, because this is what helps people to understand what their role is, what is the responsibility that person needs to fulfill and what person should expect from others.

One of the most important goals of the process is to make things happen faster, because you do not waste your time by figuring out who can help you in certain steps and who is in charge of different things.

In addition, having processes in place it will help you to solve ownership problems in the organization, there will be less sheet dragging to different conners moments and hopefully more commitment.

And finally, when you need things move faster, without process being in place, there is no way you will be able to determine which steps need improvement without having proper process painted.

Final thoughts.

Describing and implementing processes take time and may look like additional overhead for the organization, without any added value. But if somebody would calculate how much time is spent to figure out who needs to do what, will understand that having process setup, would make things work faster and would help organization to succeed.


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