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Benefit management in project management

Project management pays attention to what are the steps, which must be taken when making changes. In project management, there is talk of managing the benefits received, but most often it is treated as a process that takes place after the end of the project. Therefore there is one simple question do all projects create benefits in the organization?

What are possible benefits that can be gained from the project?

Every project is executed because of some sort of reason. These are possible reasons of why project can be initiated:

  • due to state requirements, failure to comply with them, possible fines or suspension of activities

  • due to the growth of the customer base, i.e. a solution with a competitive advantage is being introduced, which will encourage customers to choose this organization

  • due to the effectiveness - the organization wants to automate the existing processes and thereby save on human manual labor

  • due to enablement of other features: not necessarily, the project means that it will produce some new product or service, this may mean that the project will enable the organization to implement new products

  • due to possibility to have competitive advantage in the employee market: perhaps the project will implement something that is very attractive to employees and this can be an advantage for the organization when trying to attract new talent

Do all projects create benefits for the organization?

Yes, all projects create benefits. Look at the list in the first paragraph: all the listed points name cases when, if the project is not implemented, the organization may lose something: from the possibility of being an attractive employer to the possibility of losing the right to conduct activities if the necessary changes are not introduced. It is important to mention that the benefits of a project can be varied: qualitative and quantitative, but in almost all cases it is possible to count the quantitative benefits of a project, although this is sometimes not easy - for this reason, we can hear a lot of justifications why the project does not have the estimated benefits.


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