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Waterfall or Agile?

Nowadays you hear that companies have chosen to do the deliveries Agile way of working, because this allows to be faster to the market. In essence it is true - Agile methodology gives an opportunity to deliver things faster. But have ever thought whether all projects can be run in certain way?

I have seen some of the organisations, that declare about going fully Agile, though in reality not all the projects can be done Agile way of working. Why? Key reason for that is that not all projects can be split into minimal viable products, that you could or would make sense to deliver in iterations or sprints.

Projects that you should consider delivering in traditional or waterfall way are purely infrastructure and regulatory requirements projects, that normally have one delivery that needs to be delivered as a whole to achieve necessary value. There is no point to setup one server if two are necessary, right? Or to setup up one reporting field, when whole report is needed.

Obviously Waterfall does not say, that you can not deliver projects in phases, by setting up project plan according to deliveries that you need to achieve, if they can be developed in sequence. This way most of the time is used due to resource limitations and if there is enough time to do the deliveries on time.


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