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Team recruitment, how to get ready?

Recruitment is one of the most important stages when choosing someone who should join the team. Recruitment result will depend on whether you are lucky or not. Many organizations use different ways in which people are selected. Here are some thoughts on what helps me make the right choice.

As soon as I started working with the team, people recruitment was a real pleasure for me. I wouldn't stand still, before I went to the conversations and could ask to all sorts of things. I couldn't say that now, so I started analyzing how to find best people so that as few recruitments cycles would need to be run as possible.

At the very beginning, I went with ready-made questionnaires, very standard and, if sincerely, boring questions. I focused on experience and personal abilities were just a very good addition, but not the most important indicator.

Though through time, i understood couple things:

  1. it is important to pay attention to persons personal abilities. While making a decision 80% should be personality not a professional skills. Because it may happen that person has many badges in regards to professional experience, but wrong attitude and not willing to work at all

  2. before going to interviews decide, what are the most important personal skills: self-organized, has sense of ownership, honest, positive, ect.

  3. it is important to rank all these soft skills from the most important to least, so that decision would be easier

  4. trust your gut - sometimes you can feel whether person is good fit for the team during the first minutes of the interview

  5. try to not take pre - ready list of questions, allow the conversation grow naturally. If conversation is not clicking, most probably this is not a right addition to the team

  6. if you have a international team, never program yourself that now you need a person from specific team as you want to keep right balance. It may result that you will invite a person who is not the best fit

  7. if person will have a peer, that will work as if it would be a virtual team, involve that person into recruitment process and give an opportunity to have a heart to heart conversation with a candidate. This way you will be more sure, that candidate will understand better of what to expect in the new role, because at the end of the day final decision is made by the candidate.

  8. if after one week you do not remember few candidates, most probably they are not the good fit

Finally, there are many other ways how to choose the best candidate to your team, these are the ways that worked for me through the years of experience.


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