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Resource management in project management

Project management consists of a very large number of different components. One of them is resource management. Many companies ask the question of what processes and tools could be applied to make it clear how many resources are needed to implement projects, how long they will be needed and when, according to the availability of resources, when a new project could be initiated.

What is resource management?

Resource management includes all the necessary resources that are necessary for the implementation of the project. It can be: people, machines, servers, tools, etc. Resource management in itself includes: planning the necessary resources, providing them and giving them away when the project is over.

What is it important to think about while setting up resource management in project management?

There are a few things to think about at all times when there is a need to manage resources for a project:

  1. The project manager should plan the necessary resources at least 2 months in advance. Why? Because no matter what size of organization it is, in some areas there may be certain limits of certain competencies due to the historical reasons of the organization, due to such a market situation, due to the fact that many other projects are underway in the same area.

  2. If more than 3 - 5 projects are underway in the organization (depending on their complexity), a tool is needed for resource management in which to see: where the resources are currently being used, when they will become free, which project is already waiting for resources. There is no best tool. I started with excel myself, then we switched to Jira, but no tool will work if those who have to order resources, those who have to allocate or free them up, do not use the tool and, accordingly, will not mark it in the necessary places.

  3. When the project ends, the resources must be freed up. This part is one of the most frequently forgotten. Why? I am not talking about human resources, but rather about technological resources: for example, in the field of information technology, there was a project for which environments were used to prepare, test and implement a solution. When conducting solution tests, some data is always required to check whether the various scenarios in the process will work as they should. When a project closes, people tend to forget that environments need to be cleaned of the data used. Why? Due to the fact that the environmental capacity is used, if it is not enough, other projects can be forced to increase the capacity of the environment, which most often increases the cost of the project.

Resource management is a very broad topic, at the top I present, only the main topics that would be worth thinking about when implementing resource management in project management.


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