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Choosing delivery method: what you should think about before doing that? Part 1

There are several delivery methods, that organisations, can choose to do: waterfall, agile and hybrid. How to know which one is the best for you?

If you would like to deliver things Agile way, these are the things that organisation and your team should have:

  1. you should have stable team, where people know each other, because in Agile you need even more discipline than in Waterfall, because of the pace that deliveries are being delivered

  2. your team should know Agile basics and there should be a product owner that knows how to run such a team in such a manner

  3. there should be a product roadmap with clear minimum viable products listed in the timeline

  4. the team should have tools ready which should help to keep communication flowing via well set process workflows (this one often forgotten) - for now Jira is the best tool for that

What are the things to think about for Waterfall? Please find it in the other post Part2.


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